AT the age of five, he has already mastered some basics in music and in him, his father sees a great musician for the future.

Jah Prayzah's son, Mukudzei Junior, has featured on a number of videos circulating on social media where he is seen imitating his father's songs.

Junior has also done a video promo for his dad's much-awaited album launch slated for Harare International Conference Centre on August 12.

In the video, Jah Prayzah refers himself to as senior Jah Prayzah while Junior calls himself Junior Jah Prayzah.

Of much interest is that the boy has the trademark dreadlocks which make many see another Jah Prayzah in the making.

Jah Prayzah told H-Metro that his son has a lot of interest in music and is among his biggest fans. He is currently doing ECD but his interest in music left me with no option but to let him do it's said Jah Prayzah.

Junior likes my music, he is my biggest fan. He sings along to all my songs and he spends most of his time when he is home listening to my music.

There is also the coincidence of our favourite songs. For example we all love the song Tiise Maoko and I once recorded a video with him singing together and it went viral,” said Jah Prayzah.

Born Mukudzei Mukombe, Jah Prayzah said he is now taking his son down the ropes though he wants him to concentrate more with school work.

Junior is just starting school and I wouldn’t want him to lose concentration, at the same time I don’t want to suppress his talent.

He is an artist, talking to him you can realise that he is gifted.

However, let me clarify the issue on the ground, he is young and he needs to go to school. I will be teaching him some of the basics in music because he loves music.

Most of the time I do practices or other music related errands, he will be at school and there is no way I am going to take him out of school for music. But whenever we get the chance, I show him the way,” said Jah Prayzah.

The Murewa-bred singer said he will be releasing videos for some of the songs on his forthcoming album and Junior is expected to feature on one of the videos.

I am considering releasing videos this year as well. If everything goes to plan, we are going to do a video for the song In The Ghetto together (with Junior).

Our plan is also to do videos on the song that features Diamond Platinumz and Mdhara Vachauya.

He needs to be confident when we are on camera. He does most of the things without other people around.

Jah Prayzah, however, ruled out any chances for his son going into studio any time soon.

âI will just do a video with him,” he said.

Unlike others who pursue their parents’ legacy after their death, Jah Prayzah is happy that if death visits him first, there is someone to keep his ship afloat.

I leave everything to God but I have hope that there is someone who can make the legacy live on.

In related News, Jah Prayzah said everything is now in place for the launch of Mdhara Vachauya.

The much-awaited album carries tracks like the title track Mdhara Vachauya, Hossana, Watora Mari featuring Diamond Platinumz, Tsotsi, Jenny, Goto, Kurumidza, Seke, Ndide Ndikude, Mbembe and In The Ghetto.

Jah Prayzah takes son down the ropes


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