Jah Prayzah has parted ways with dancer cum backing vocalists Pamela Zulu, popularly known as Gonyeti. 

Gonyeti was not part of the singer’s successful launch at Harare International Conference Centre over the weekend and her absence was felt when a section of the fans was heard chanting her name.

Her prowess on the dance floor had made her a favourite with many becoming one of the key members in the 3rd Generation band. Jah Prayzah through his manager Keen Mushapaidze confirmed Gonyeti’s depature saying they respected her decision. “She Gonyeti advised us of her decision when we returned from our tour of USA and Canada. She phoned Jah and told him that she is no longer part of the band and will not be part of the launch,” said Mushapaidze.

Gonyeti also confirmed the developments and had no kind words for his former paymaster along with his manager. “Yes I left the band to start something better, who knows things might get better for me. The working conditions were not good, I wouldn’t want to speak for others (band members) though.

The management should consider workers’ concerns and when you tell the boss anticipating good news, he refers you back (to management) it means he is okay with it. Rather, he would be the one telling the manager what to do,” said Gonyeti. Sources say Gonyeti was not happy with the management’s decision to drop her from the team that recently toured United States and Canada though she declined it. Those telling you that I left because I didn’t go to US and Canada are not being truthful. Jah Prayzah told me that I was not to be part of the touring team and I didn’t dispute.

When I joined Jah Prayzah I was working on an album and I am pursuing that,” she said adding, “I phoned Jah informing him that I was leaving and he wasn’t even concerned, he just told me to return the uniforms, which I am not going to do. The uniforms belong to his band yes but I was wearing it, they are my clothes and anoda kuti ndidzoke nadzo azopa ani”.

There were also reports that Gonyeti had tried to mobilize other band members who had been left behind when Jah Prayzah travelled to the US and Canada to boycott Friday’s album launch at the HICC. She however, denied the allegation. “If it was ever organized, I wasn’t part of it. I don’t know talking to anyone about a stay away. Mushapaidze said he is surprised with Gonyeti’s remarks since his management is open to everyone.

“The time when you think you are trying your best, someone comes saying such words. Besides how do you know that someone is not happy when he/she did not approach you? We have an open policy at the band, we actually want to hear people’s concerns and consider them first. I think we are among the groups doing well and we try our best to make the band happy, I don’t know which unfavorable conditions she is talking about,” said Mushapaidze. If she is not happy that she didn’t go to US and Canada as you are informed (by sources) there are others who are yet to tour any country but I never heard them complaining,” he added. Gonyeti joined Jah Prayzah from Jabavu Drive replacing another popular dancer Generator (Evidence Mudzingo), who was dismissed over indiscipline. she is considering joining Andy Muridzo, though she scoffed at it.

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