“I’ve met so many raped women”, says Congolese musician Ray Lema. He wrote a song for the forgotten women from Kivu (Eastern DRCongo), in which he asks leaders to stand up for their people.

“It’s war,” Lema says in an interview with My Song. “Soldiers are using rape as a weapon of war. I want us to start talking about this. Those little morons are destroying a culture. They have to be stopped.”

In his song, The forgotten ones from Kivu, Lema sings about the war in the DRC that started about 20 years ago:
Some small words
for infamous crimes

The firm conviction
of an enduring drama.

Kivu is one of the richest places on earth, with natural resources like coltan and gold. Rebel groups, the army and Western multinationals all want their share.

Lema calls on leaders to stand up for their people. “Our leaders should understand us,” says Lema. “But they seem to be pleasing Western leaders, receiving their presents.”
Too far from our hearts
Absent from our hearts
The forgotten ones in Kivu

Lema: “The pain felt by a woman who is raped and then receives a bayonet inside her…I just can’t imagine it. I want to say to the women: I’m so ashamed of being a man.”

This interview was recorded during the festival Congolisation in BoZar (Brussels, Belgium).
Camera : Sophie van Leeuwen
Edit: Sophie van Leeuwen

Ray Lema: "I’m so ashamed of being a man"


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