A coterie of disgruntled former PHD members have formed a Facebook Page that they are using to 'expose' Prophet Walter Magaya. They have also published a video claiming that Prophet Magaya is a devilworshipper.
The Facebook page named Madhiri A Magaya, hardly a month old, boasts of over 8,000 followers and has the same modus operandi as that of notorious faceless ZANU-PF whistle-blower Baba Jukwa.

Last week we published an article introducing the Facebook page and wrote some of the stories the page has talked about. This time round, the 'disgruntled PHD members' have upped their claim by posting a video titled 'Proof that Prophet Magaya is an antichrist'.

The video explains, among other things, that a hand signal of submitting to the devil, is characterised by three fingers, features various celebrities believed to be members of the illuminati, using the same hand signal before Prophet Magaya is also photographed and recorded on video seemingly using the same hand signal.

The video also reveals that Satanists often use a symbol of a burning cross, supposedly in a bid to nullify the power of the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross. The architects of the video then claim that Prophet Angel's church uses the same 'burning cross' as their logo. As if that was not enough, the group claims that there is also a controversial church named Liberty PHD Centre Ministries which also has a logo of a burning cross.

Several Christians, including even members of Prophet Magaya's PHD Ministries have queried why Prophet Magaya gives musicians such as Tocky Vibes and Alick Macheso a flow during a church crusade to sign non-Christian songs. The Video published by Madhiri A Magaya, claims that such musicians are allegedly taking part in praising the devil with Prophet Magaya, a claim that will hit hard on the church members more than Prophet Magaya himself.

Gone are the days when Christians are proud of being children of God and believing in God as well as casting all their faith in God alone. Now Christians believe in Prophets, "Ndiri mwana wemuporofita" has become a middle name to millions of Zimbabweans across the nation. Some even refer to their 'god' as mwari waProphet so and so, or mwari waBaba so and so. Of course the concept was taken from the old testament when God would be referred to as God of Israel, God of Abraham etc. What true Christians need to understand is that back then, not every person had a right to worship God. Everyone else who was NOT an Israelite was regarded as a heathen and God would never entertain his prayers. So God was God of Israelites and not God of everyone. But when God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for everyone's sins, God ceased to be God of Israelties only.

And the bible says in John 1 verse 12: "But to all who believed Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God." So if one truly believes in God and has accepted Jesus Christ, then that person has been given the right to become a child of God or "mwana waMwari". If you don't truly believe in God, then surely you are right by calling yourself mwana wemuporofita and not 'mwana waMwari' as has been rightly put by the above mentioned verse.

Videos to prove Prophet Magaya is allegedly a Satanist (WATCH)


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