THE troubled gogo can’t sleep at night.

This is because a short man with a huge 4-5 slips in between her sheets.

Every night, she has a wrestling match with the tokoloshe as she fights to keep it away from her punani.

The 60-year-old from Etwatwa in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun: “I hear it when it comes into my bed and I know I have to be prepared for a fight.

“I can’t allow it to put its dirty 4-5 into me. I burn impepho and pray before I go to sleep but it doesn’t help.

“I’m afraid this creature is going to overpower me one day and penetrate me. I don’t want that to happen.”

The gogo said her troubles started more than two years ago when she rented out a bedroom in her house to a trainee sangoma.

When the sangoma left, she left behind some of her muthi and the gogo couldn’t trace her.

“I decided to throw the muthi away and I haven’t slept in peace since then.

“I hear footsteps and things exploding at night while I’m sleeping. And when I go to investigate, I find nothing,” she said.

She said church people ­often visited her house to pray and for a while it would be quiet but the evil always returned.

The gogo, who is a domestic worker, said every time she enters her yard, she has a panic attack.

“I don’t know who will help me. I can’t go on living like this,” she said.

Sangoma Dlamini Mahlinza said the muthi left in the house turned itself into a tokoloshe.

“She needs to get a sangoma to chase it away,” he said.

VIDEO: TOKOLOSHE 4-5 TERROR - I hear it when it comes into my bed.


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