Dancer Bev Sibanda says she is no husband snatcher although she says many dancers throw themselves at men because of poverty.

She said she was fortunate because she gets good money from her dancing and did not have to allow herself to be abused by men who frequent her shows. Bev said she had a steady boyfriend and was secure in that relationship. She is in the UK for her first tour and said she had been pleasantly surprised by the warmth and support, especially from women.

Bev said each time she goes on radio in Zimbabwe she is harangued and abused by mostly women. They are convinced she was of loose morals.

She also spoke of her time at Prophet Walter Magaya’s church. She said something happened which forced her to quit. Bev did not want to say exactly what happened but insisted it had nothing to do with the prophet. Bev said for a dancer to survive they had to be very creative as people get tired of the same dances. She is performing in Leeds and then in Dunstable on Saturday.

Dirty Dancer Bev Says 'I Am Not A Husband Snatcher.'


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