A Video has been released by Prophet Magaya's church, PHD Ministries.

Apparently the Prophet foresaw that Pretty Xaba who was suffering from cancer would not make it in India but all the same decided to let her make her choice.

She placed her faith in medicine over faith healing but sadly she succumbed to the deadly disease on the 6th of December.
I had foreseen Studio 263 actress Pretty Xaba's death: says Prophet Magaya (WATCH VIDEO)
And we all wonder now whether she would have made it, had she opted for Magaya's faith healing.

In the video, Prophet Magaya asks Pretty whether she wants Prophet Magaya to pray for her or she wants to go to India or to receive her healing right here in Zimbabwe through Prophet Magaya's prayers.

"This is one of my daughters. Munomuziva handiti? (You know her right?). I want her to choose what she wants... so that you can also help me. Do you want me to assist you with the finances to go to India or we can pray for you, you can go and get tested, and then you will see that the cancer is gone (sic). Because medicine is not a sin. You understand.... To seek medical help is God's grace as well. Every doctor that you see practising, it's because of the love of Christ. They are given that divine power by God. So she wanted to go to India for an operation but I said 'OK, we are not testing God, but I know my God is able, Hallelujah," he said.

It is reported that Pretty was given a chance to speak to Prophet Magaya's counselling team and after the session she chose to receive money from the man of God so that she would go to India for treatment.

"I also want you to pray for Pretty Xaba, for her operation. I'm seeing something. I want you to pray for Pretty Xaba for her operation in India. You need to pray for her, I'm not seeing a good result. Simudza mawoko uri ipapo, just start to pray. Cancel every death spirit," said Prophet Magaya in another service a few days after Pretty left for India.

Prophet Magaya however, had not made it known to Pretty that she was not going to make it in India, even though, he, through the Spirit, had seen death hoovering around the actress.

Despite knowing the outcome in India, Prophet Magaya in October still donated US$18,000 for Pretty's operation in India.

Prophet Magaya, after he made a generous US$18,000 donation, said he believes medical doctors are also in God's ministry and they do it out of love.

"As PHD we are not against medical treatment, that is why I ask some of the people to bring their medical records when coming for prayers (seeking miracles). As for Pretty, she is my daughter in PHD and I feel blessed to help her get medical treatment since she is the one who decided to consult doctors. It is not that I failed to pray for her but her faith is in doctors and I cannot compromise to that since all the healing are through faith in God," said Prophet Magaya before Pretty went to India.

I had foreseen Studio 263 actress Pretty Xaba's death: says Prophet Magaya (WATCH VIDEO)

I had foreseen Studio 263 actress Pretty Xaba's death: says Prophet Magaya (WATCH VIDEO)


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