Ugandan police have confirmed the arrest of the abusive babysitter depicted in a disturbing video where she heartlessly assaults a toddler.

Ugandan police spokesperson, Fred Enaga, said that by the time the video went viral online, the perpetrator was already in their custody, according to Uganda’s The Observer.

In the video, the woman repeatedly slaps the child on the face when she refuses to eat while being fed. The child is shown to be stunned to a silence after the slaps and relents.
Ugandan monster nanny arrested
It’s only when the child vomits that the twisted woman loses her composure and tosses the girl to the ground and repeatedly kicks her while she’s on the floor. The woman then takes her to another room, out of camera shot but you can still hear her beating on the child.

What kind of a sick person could do something like this to a helpless child? This video will make you angry, it’ll make you want to do things you’d otherwise speak against. What would you, as the parent, do to a person who commits such heinous acts on the apple of your eye?

Ugandan monster nanny arrested


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