18-year-old Frankie Cocozza was born without a filter. He says whatever pops in his mind, and does whatever pops in there, too. At least he does if you judge him by his audition on The X Factor UK. I know TV has come a long way since the golden age, but I wasn't expecting this!

Just watch! He obviously won the judges and the audience over with his performance of Valerie and proved once and for all that he's one CHEEKY Brit!

The X Factor: Brighton's Cheeky Chappie takes the first step on his road to stardom With the names of seven girls permanently etched on his behind, Frankie's main ambition is to be famous and get lots of girls. But, of course, he has to win over the judges before he can win over the ladies. So is he any good? Singing the original version of Valerie by The Zutons, it's clear he's a hit with the audience, but can Frankie make it through to bootcamp? 

The Judges Didn't Believe Him, So He Proved It In A SHOCKING Way! I Can't Believe This Aired On TV!.


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