Just to make myself clear, I honestly don’t know what is happening to the world… I’ve heard about teens having sexual intercourse, I’ve heard about nasty and gross adults making love with either willing or forced minor,and I even heard about irresponsible yet repulsive mothers and fathers that recording tapes of them having sex with their own flesh and blood, but, I never heard such a thing! Like seriously guys, this 13 year-old baby-faced-boy and 15 year-old slutty-girl having one night of unprotected sex and get pregnant? I don’t really care about the rest of their loathsome story, but, the fact that they were having sex at a very young age at first place, where by that time you should focus on study or just playing video games or ACT LIKE A NORMAL KID instead of HAVING SEX with numerous guys?? WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?”

That baby girl next to him isn’t his SISTER, it’s his DAUGHTER!


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