Cynthia Mare is currently taking the local music industry by storm. The Award winning artist has toured South Africa With Zahara and performed one of her songs with Oliver Mtukudzi

1. Cynthia is one of the 8 presenters on Coke on the beat.
2. She also won 3 ZIMA Awards at the 2014 award show that happen in Harare.
3. In 2011 Mare won the Award for ‘Best UK Female Afro/Caribbean Act’ at the BEFFTA (Black, Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television, And Arts)
4. The Afro-fusion star is the brand Ambassador for GTel.
5. The award winning musician left Zimbabwe for the U.K with her family when she was 16!
6. When she launched her album in December 2013, the first two copies sold for $4 000.
7. Cynthia has toured South Africa with Zahara.
8. The songstress has shared the stage with Hugh Maskela, Steve Dyer and Zahara to name a few.
9. The Zuva Rimwe star has also done a performance with Oliver Mtukudzi at the Pakare Paye Arts Centre.
10. Mare did a Live DVD recording in August 2014.

Top 10 Thing's You Didn't Know About Cynthia Mare

FULL VIDEO - Donald Trump Talk About His Sex Life In Vulgar and Sexist Terms

FULL VIDEO - Donald Trump Talk About His Sex Life In Vulgar and Sexist Terms

Breaking News - Donald Trump Apologizes For Vulgar Remarks About Women

Fingisayi Zvakavapano-Mashavave has released two new songs signalling a about turn from gospel music that made her a household name in Zimbabwe.

This comes few months after she performed with Killer T to produce Vanondibatirana in December. Fungisayi’s new tracks are Huya Uone (Afro-pop) and Amai Ndakanaka Amai (Zimdancehall).

Zimdancehall is very popular among Zimbabwe young people. Amai Ndakanaka Amai is a dancehall song focusing on the girl-child.

Fungisai’s Zim DanceHall Song - Amai Ndakanaka Amai

Gospel singer Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave has rubbished claims by a rival singer Vimbai Zimuto (Vee Kay) that she stole her latest song “Amai Ndakanaka”.

A furious Vee Kay went to Fungisai’s Facebook page and wrote the following comment on one of her posts:
“Hello Fungisai. I would like to tell you that this song is mine. I gave it to Oskid to do a beat for it. I even paid for the beat which I am still waiting for. Gadzirirai ma lawyer amana. Oskid you told me you were professional but wandipa a good lesson that I will never forget. I have all the proof of all our transactions and emails. I told you this song is already registered. Zvakaoma. Tsvagai ma lawyer. You need them.”Singer Vimbai Zimuto (Vee Kay) advertised her song “Ndakanaka” on Facebook on the 8th of April this year

A picture posted by Vee Kay on Facebook on the 8th of April this year shows her advertising a song called “Ndakanaka” – where she also said “Single Coming Soon”.

But Fungisai in a response also posted on her Facebook fan page said;

“It is with shock that I have learnt a fellow artist is claiming my intellectual works to be theirs. I am however at peace and am so relieved to realise that God saw it and delivered me long back before i could see it coming. The truth is.. and i owe it to you.

“When planning for my Huya Uone Production I decided to work with 3 Producers, i.e PTK, Oskid and Kenako music coz I wanted a different feel from different producers at the top of their game. Kenako produced Dzimurai Moto (yet to be released) I was going to give Oskid my Amai ndakanaka amai but he was nowhere to be found.

“I looked flat out for him haana kubatika until i gave the song to PTK and I was so angry. Kkk I had no idea God was at work whisking me away from these terrible allegations. When Oskid eventually resurfaced, i then gave him Huya Uone Zvakuitika to add onto Gororiya that he had also produced.

“My amai ndakanaka amai is therefore not related to Oskid in any way and if anyone has a song called amai ndakanaka I am positive it is unique to that person and I would never claim it to be mine. There is no way mine will be the same as theirs because it came from within me. Inspired by my favourite childhood nursery rhyme “amai ndakanaka amai”

“I personally developed it to motivate the girl child. I am believing this artist is unique to herself, and she is free to introduce her Amai Ndakanaka which is obviously different from mine. I pray you give her song a chance as these songs are two different songs from 2 different artists. I have produced 13 albums to date.

“Of all my songs, I have never bought or accepted any song writer’s offer because i believe in having a personal relationship with my songs, all inspired by God. I have personally composed all my hit songs including Vanondibatirana etc only with God’s help.

“I will not steal from anyone kutanga nhasi. I am appealing to all music lovers out there to give my fellow sister ‘song a chance, and regard it independently from mine. My AMAI NDAKANAKA AMAI did not come from Oskid, was not produced by Oskid and it can not be the same as hers because as artists we are unique to ourselves. Stay blessed.

“I will not be moved or derailed from God’s plan. I thank God for “Vakuru vanofamba naJesu” Surely his people have contributed a lot kuti ndisaparare. Mhepo dzinosimuka kundiparadza but thank God I am in safe Hands. Enjoy Huya uone . Its on itunes and Jive Zimbabwe. I will still wake up and praise God through it all,” Fungisai added.

Fungisai - Amai Ndakanaka Amai (ZimDanceHall Fast Track ReMix)

Joseph Chinotimba: No English In ZIMBABWE Parliament! 

Joseph Chinotimba - No English In ZIMBABWE Parliament!

Jacob Moyana - Pamha Takaterera (Official Music Video) 

Jacob Moyana - Pamha Takaterera (Official Music Video)

WILL Lady Storm (real name Lyn Magodo), now known as Eriza, manage to sustain the momentum? That’s the question most people are asking.

Will this young, beautiful and gifted dancer/musician be able to capitalise on the attention she is getting from players in the creative industry?

After featuring on Jah Prayzah’s video, ‘Eriza’, which was released last month, the dancer is on a purple patch. The 22-year-old, who was a soldier before embarking on a career in the entertainment industry, was the centre of attraction last weekend when she landed a slot at the much hyped Ignition concert. The concert, which featured Jah Prayzah and Winky D, was held in Harare at the 7 Arts Theatre on Friday.

The energetic dancer stormed onto the stage, backed by her dancers and mesmerised the audience with her well-choreographed rhumba routines. In the middle of her set, she unveiled the singer within her as she was backed by Botswana based producer/singer, Dr Tawanda.

Although her vocals are not that amazing, her dances and aura just cover it up and enable her to bring out a total package.

Meanwhile, the Ignition Concert was a success. After Lady Storm’s performance, the Gafa, Winky D performed for a solid 90 minutes where he got the audience singing along and dancing to his groove. His act drew memories of his epic performance on New Year’s Eve at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Musoja, Jah Prayzah, the last act on the night, also staged a stellar performance which really got 2016 ignited for many of those in the theatre.

The Jerusarema hit maker also took time to sample his new track, Hosanna off his 2016 offering and the fans were instantaneously hooked. The track is testament of the artiste’s inimitable song writing skills, a strength that separates him from other contemporary musicians. Jah Prayzah’s act was spiced up by the appearance of Eriza (Lady Storm) clad in her signature uniform and dancing to the song Eriza, as seen on the video. He, however, had to cut his performance just after 1AM as the venue had to shut down. – Zimbojam/Showbiz Reporter.

Will Eirza - Lady Storm’s breeze last for long?

Jah Prayzah Moyo Wakaoma (Live Performance Video)

Jah Prayzah Moyo Wakaoma (Live Performance Video)

Jah Prayzah With Wife Sing MUDHARA VACHAUYA [Official]

Jah Prayzah With Wife Sing MUDHARA VACHAUYA [Official]

JAH Prayzah — the contemporary artiste currently riding the crest of a wave — can be counted among those celebrities who attract admiration and loathing in equal measure.

This is seen primarily in how his latest album, Mdhara Vachauya, has divided opinion in a way that very few pieces of music have done in the past.

Although his eighth album in a career spanning 10 years has virtually washed out every other musician in Harare as it is played in commuter omnibuses, private vehicles and in almost every shop, there is a feeling among some listeners that the album is not a gem and speaks to the lowering of standards by an artiste of Jah Prayzah’s stature.

With Tsviriyo and Jerusarema, the albums that announced Jah Prayzah’s arrival on the big stage, he set the bar too high. Therefore, the temptation to compare the latest offering to its predecessors was always going to be inescapable.

Some observers feel Mdhara Vachauya has come too early after the release of Jerusarema and is, therefore, a half-baked piece of work.

The album, however, must stand on its own. It must be judged on its own merits. Whether one is a musician, an author or actor, each piece of their production is independent even if it may be part of a thread.

Although listening to some of the songs on the album creates the impression that it was a rushed effort, some of the tracks are so exciting that they are definitely going to become sing-along songs. These include the title track, Mdhara Vachauya, Hossana, Kurumidza, Jenny and Goto.

The title track could, befittingly, pass off as the finest piece on the album, as shown even by the rave reviews it has attracted from listeners on You Tube and it is probably the most played song in Harare right now.

Typical of a fine piece of art, the song has attracted divergent interpretations, some of them quite bizarre — like that it is speaking of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, believed to be a top contender in the country’s presidential succession race.

With its catchy tune, the song, however, speaks of a man’s plea to his woman as he goes out on a hunting excursion in a faraway land. Here the man encourages his woman to remain faithful and steadfast and not lose hope even if the storms of life come.

While there may be no conjecture on the meaning as the song as art is generally viewed as polysemic in nature, the meaning is quite simple — at least at face value. This was confirmed by Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze, in an interview last week.

“Mdhara Vachauya basically is a love song whereby a guy is away on a job, (in a) distant relationship and he is reminding his girlfriend to stay steadfast even if rival suitors come, she should just be hopeful because the real guy, the real dude (Mdhara) is coming,” he said.

He said several of their tracks have attracted religious and political interpretations and that was normal.

The album can be defined as a mixed bag. Negotiating his way easily from soft romantic ballads to the deep, cultural pieces set against the background of ancient mysteries as seen even in previous tracks, Jerusarema and Tiise Maoko, there can be no doubt to a learned ear that Jah Prayzah is a master craftsman.

In some ways, the album is highly-experimental, particularly in tracks such as Tsotsi and the album’s closing track, In the Ghetto, where he adopts a reggae trajectory. His experiment, however, is not the best of efforts as it is rather lukewarm. One is tempted to suspect it may have been added just as a gap filler, particularly given that this is an 11-track album. By Zimbabwean standards, even a 10-track album is a very generous offer.

Seke and Goto as well as Hosanna, with its catchy beat and rhythm, carry Jah Prayzah’s trademark. Hossana is a prayer for wisdom against the schemes of the enemy. There is such a richness of language in the song, which ties in with traditional music.

The lanky musician — popularly known as Soja Rinoenda Kure among his fans — is such a charming figure that he has failed to escape even the notice of the army. Instead of been penalised for adorning replicas of army fatigues as provided for under the law, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces was fascinated enough to adopt him as their culture ambassador.

Jah Prayzah’s music career has had its low moments, especially related to copyright violations, and this has coloured how his efforts in music are interpreted. After being accused of plagiarising Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz’ Mdogo Mdogo video for his Jerusarema project, there was speculation he partnered with the musician on the hit track, Watora Mari, as a peace offering.

Both the song and video are stellar offerings by any standard, with the smashing video breaking into South Africa’s top television channel, MTV Base, and attracting extensive Youtube viewership. Although some argue the high rating of Diamond Platnumz, this may not really be a fair assessment as Jah Prayzah’s own contribution is from the top drawer.

The musician suffered a blow in December 2014 after he was accused of pirating a 2007 song by Ghananian musician, Emmanuel Samini, allegedly using the beat without acknowledging the owner in his own award-winning track, Sisi Makachena. The acknowledged copyright violations have not broken Jah Prayzah’s stride.

Tracks like Tsotsi and In the Ghetto, seem to take away the shine, undermining the album in the process. But this is not anything new in the trade. It is part of the drill because even some of the finest musicians like Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi have walked the same road, releasing tracks such as Chiri Mupoto and Mbombera. Great artistes are experimental. If an experiment fails, they rise up and move on.

The tracks Jenny and Ndide Ndikude are beautiful, catchy sing-along love songs that confirm Jah Prayzah’s magical touch in that genre, demonstrated also in Hello, a bonus track off the Jerusarema album.

Jah Prayzah, who has done several collaborations with local and international artists, has also broken records including snapping the top three spots on the popular Radio Zimbabwe Top 100 countdown with Gotchi Gotchi, Maria and Chirangano on the New Year’s Eve of 2013.

A brand can easily override moments of failures because while form is temporary, class is permanent.
Source: Newsday

Jah Prayzah’s Mudhara Vachauya Divides Zimbabweans

 AT the age of five, he has already mastered some basics in music and in him, his father sees a great musician for the future.

Jah Prayzah's son, Mukudzei Junior, has featured on a number of videos circulating on social media where he is seen imitating his father's songs.

Junior has also done a video promo for his dad's much-awaited album launch slated for Harare International Conference Centre on August 12.

In the video, Jah Prayzah refers himself to as senior Jah Prayzah while Junior calls himself Junior Jah Prayzah.

Of much interest is that the boy has the trademark dreadlocks which make many see another Jah Prayzah in the making.

Jah Prayzah told H-Metro that his son has a lot of interest in music and is among his biggest fans. He is currently doing ECD but his interest in music left me with no option but to let him do it's said Jah Prayzah.

Junior likes my music, he is my biggest fan. He sings along to all my songs and he spends most of his time when he is home listening to my music.

There is also the coincidence of our favourite songs. For example we all love the song Tiise Maoko and I once recorded a video with him singing together and it went viral,” said Jah Prayzah.

Born Mukudzei Mukombe, Jah Prayzah said he is now taking his son down the ropes though he wants him to concentrate more with school work.

Junior is just starting school and I wouldn’t want him to lose concentration, at the same time I don’t want to suppress his talent.

He is an artist, talking to him you can realise that he is gifted.

However, let me clarify the issue on the ground, he is young and he needs to go to school. I will be teaching him some of the basics in music because he loves music.

Most of the time I do practices or other music related errands, he will be at school and there is no way I am going to take him out of school for music. But whenever we get the chance, I show him the way,” said Jah Prayzah.

The Murewa-bred singer said he will be releasing videos for some of the songs on his forthcoming album and Junior is expected to feature on one of the videos.

I am considering releasing videos this year as well. If everything goes to plan, we are going to do a video for the song In The Ghetto together (with Junior).

Our plan is also to do videos on the song that features Diamond Platinumz and Mdhara Vachauya.

He needs to be confident when we are on camera. He does most of the things without other people around.

Jah Prayzah, however, ruled out any chances for his son going into studio any time soon.

âI will just do a video with him,” he said.

Unlike others who pursue their parents’ legacy after their death, Jah Prayzah is happy that if death visits him first, there is someone to keep his ship afloat.

I leave everything to God but I have hope that there is someone who can make the legacy live on.

In related News, Jah Prayzah said everything is now in place for the launch of Mdhara Vachauya.

The much-awaited album carries tracks like the title track Mdhara Vachauya, Hossana, Watora Mari featuring Diamond Platinumz, Tsotsi, Jenny, Goto, Kurumidza, Seke, Ndide Ndikude, Mbembe and In The Ghetto.

Jah Prayzah takes son down the ropes

Jah Prayzah has parted ways with dancer cum backing vocalists Pamela Zulu, popularly known as Gonyeti. 

Gonyeti was not part of the singer’s successful launch at Harare International Conference Centre over the weekend and her absence was felt when a section of the fans was heard chanting her name.

Her prowess on the dance floor had made her a favourite with many becoming one of the key members in the 3rd Generation band. Jah Prayzah through his manager Keen Mushapaidze confirmed Gonyeti’s depature saying they respected her decision. “She Gonyeti advised us of her decision when we returned from our tour of USA and Canada. She phoned Jah and told him that she is no longer part of the band and will not be part of the launch,” said Mushapaidze.

Gonyeti also confirmed the developments and had no kind words for his former paymaster along with his manager. “Yes I left the band to start something better, who knows things might get better for me. The working conditions were not good, I wouldn’t want to speak for others (band members) though.

The management should consider workers’ concerns and when you tell the boss anticipating good news, he refers you back (to management) it means he is okay with it. Rather, he would be the one telling the manager what to do,” said Gonyeti. Sources say Gonyeti was not happy with the management’s decision to drop her from the team that recently toured United States and Canada though she declined it. Those telling you that I left because I didn’t go to US and Canada are not being truthful. Jah Prayzah told me that I was not to be part of the touring team and I didn’t dispute.

When I joined Jah Prayzah I was working on an album and I am pursuing that,” she said adding, “I phoned Jah informing him that I was leaving and he wasn’t even concerned, he just told me to return the uniforms, which I am not going to do. The uniforms belong to his band yes but I was wearing it, they are my clothes and anoda kuti ndidzoke nadzo azopa ani”.

There were also reports that Gonyeti had tried to mobilize other band members who had been left behind when Jah Prayzah travelled to the US and Canada to boycott Friday’s album launch at the HICC. She however, denied the allegation. “If it was ever organized, I wasn’t part of it. I don’t know talking to anyone about a stay away. Mushapaidze said he is surprised with Gonyeti’s remarks since his management is open to everyone.

“The time when you think you are trying your best, someone comes saying such words. Besides how do you know that someone is not happy when he/she did not approach you? We have an open policy at the band, we actually want to hear people’s concerns and consider them first. I think we are among the groups doing well and we try our best to make the band happy, I don’t know which unfavorable conditions she is talking about,” said Mushapaidze. If she is not happy that she didn’t go to US and Canada as you are informed (by sources) there are others who are yet to tour any country but I never heard them complaining,” he added. Gonyeti joined Jah Prayzah from Jabavu Drive replacing another popular dancer Generator (Evidence Mudzingo), who was dismissed over indiscipline. she is considering joining Andy Muridzo, though she scoffed at it.

EXPLAINED - Why Gonyeti really quit Jah Prayzah’s band

CONTEMPORARY musician Jah Prayzah, who is in the eye of a storm following sexual abuse accusations by former dancer Gonyeti, says he will let his lawyers deal with her over the malicious allegations.

Last week, Gonyeti bared her soul to our sister paper – The Herald – chronicling her alleged abuse at the hands of Jah Prayzah.

She claimed to have been used as his sex slave for three years, at times engaging in unprotected sex to keep her job as a backing vocalist.

In a video posted on his Facebook fan page at the weekend, Jah Prayzah, while denying Gonyeti’s accusations, said the truth would soon come out.

“I deny the allegations. This is a very sensitive matter which I will henceforth leave in the hands of my lawyer Mr Hamunakwadi, to work on the case.

“We all deserve the truth and I trust that in time, it shall be revealed,” said Jah Prayzah.

Jah Prayzah posted the video as a response to allegations by an online website – Zimbotoday – which claimed to have exclusively spoken to Jah Prayzah on Gonyeti.

“On October 1, a website carried a story alleging that I’d given them an exclusive interview.

“That information is false as I’ve neither issued any statement nor granted an interview to the media since various allegations have been made against me,” said Jah Prayzah.

Following that miscommunication, the artiste’s fans called on him to give them his actual position on the topical matter, hence the release of the video.

Meawhile, Jah Prayzah has thanked fans for supporting him and advised them not to be misled by Gonyeti.

“I thank you for your continued encouragement, patience, and support. Makandikoshera (you are important).”

He said fans should look forward to the release of a new video for hit – Mudhara Vachauya.

“I’m working on the music video for Mudhara Vachauya that was shot in South Africa. It’ll be out in two weeks time on YouTube.”

Jah Prayzah - Mdhara Vachauya (Official) Jah Prayzah Dismisses Fake Story Alleging Gonyeti Used Sex Juju

Hillary Clinton Has Massive Coughing Fit: Hillary Clinton had a massive coughing fit as she began a campaign rally ... "That's one of the worst coughing fits I have seen from her," he added.

Hillary Clinton Has Massive Coughing Fit!

“I’ve met so many raped women”, says Congolese musician Ray Lema. He wrote a song for the forgotten women from Kivu (Eastern DRCongo), in which he asks leaders to stand up for their people.

“It’s war,” Lema says in an interview with My Song. “Soldiers are using rape as a weapon of war. I want us to start talking about this. Those little morons are destroying a culture. They have to be stopped.”

In his song, The forgotten ones from Kivu, Lema sings about the war in the DRC that started about 20 years ago:
Some small words
for infamous crimes

The firm conviction
of an enduring drama.

Kivu is one of the richest places on earth, with natural resources like coltan and gold. Rebel groups, the army and Western multinationals all want their share.

Lema calls on leaders to stand up for their people. “Our leaders should understand us,” says Lema. “But they seem to be pleasing Western leaders, receiving their presents.”
Too far from our hearts
Absent from our hearts
The forgotten ones in Kivu

Lema: “The pain felt by a woman who is raped and then receives a bayonet inside her…I just can’t imagine it. I want to say to the women: I’m so ashamed of being a man.”

This interview was recorded during the festival Congolisation in BoZar (Brussels, Belgium).
Camera : Sophie van Leeuwen
Edit: Sophie van Leeuwen

Ray Lema: "I’m so ashamed of being a man"

If you want love, wealth or good health, you might think of consulting a witchdoctor. They play an important role in many communities. But as Ikenna finds out in the last episode of What’s Up Africa Series 2, not all of them are as trustworthy as they claim.

WitchDoctors: Healers or Swindlers.

A Citizen reporter managed to capture on Camera a Policeman clinging precariously onto the back of a speeding Kombi somewhere in Harare.

A few seconds later,in the video, the policeman tries to jump off the vehicle but he lands badly onto the tarmac, although he manages to stand up and narrowly gets out of the way of other oncoming traffic.

Zimbabwean Police and Kombi drivers are always playing cat and mouse games.
Source: Elite

Video: Drama as Policeman CLINGS to back of speeding KOMBI!

Beverly Sibanda Dance: Full Coverage Bev Live On Stage in U.K Dunstable (July 2015)

Beverly Sibanda Dance: Full Coverage Bev Live On Stage in U.K Dunstable (July 2015)

There was major embarrassment for a Zimbabwean man who attended a musical show at the Dunstable Leisure Centre on Saturday. Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda invited an audience member on stage for a grinding lap dance.

Married father of four, Sam Munodawafa (31), volunteered to go on stage and was promptly stripped of his t-shirt and trousers and left with what looked like grey underwear. He lay on the floor while Bev gyrated all over him.

While the lap dance itself went without incident, members of the audience were horrified to see that his underwear was soiled by poo.

“Dzisisai varume venyu kupisika” one irate woman shouted as the man strolled around on stage unaware of the sideshow oozing from his behind.

Several theories were bandied around after the show with some suggesting the man might have not properly used tissues in the toilet while others thought the lap dance from Beverly might have excited him to the point of soiling himself.

Beverly arrived in the United Kingdom on Thursday for her maiden tour alongside four Zimdancehall artists. Bev as she is affectionately known shared the stage with Ricky Fire, Seh Calaz, Terminator and PTK.

VIDEO: Zimbabwean man soils underwear during lap dance from Bev in the UK.